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Phuket Elephant Park


Home for Rescued Elephants

Because access to the Park is limited to only a handful of people, visitors enjoy something not offered with other projects. You will experience exclusive close encounters with elephants allowed to act naturally in their beautiful stress-free home. We don't force elephants to do anything they don't want to do.

Phuket Elephant Tour

Elephant Sanctuary

Phuket Elephant Park is set against the backdrop of a national park. This is a real elephant sanctuary. No large groups of people, elephants allowed to relax and behave normally.

Facilities make it comfortable for people, but it is home to elephants. Visitors share beautiful surroundings with the rescued herd enjoying their new lives.

Protected jungle gives our residents room to roam, forage, swim, take mudbaths, and socialize.

We Love Our Elephants

The best elephant sanctuaries rely on good people. Jai Dee is a Thai phrase loosely translated into "good hearted". The people behind the Park show their love and understanding of how to take care of their animals. They also know how to make sure customers have a great visit.

Phuket Elephant Park managers and staff are committed individuals inspired by Lek Chailert of Save Elephant Foundation and the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.

Visit us and discover how we nurture these gentle giants.  

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The Herd

You can tell these rescued elephants are relaxed and happy as they play in their pond and forage in the jungle. They enjoy being hand-fed fresh fruits and vegetables and seeing visitors pleases them.  Our rescued elephants are safe and happy, living without stress.

Spending time with them is a special experience.

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Facebook Reviews

  • positive review  Absolutely fantastic BRILLIANT DAY

    thumb Steve Croome
  • positive review  The Phuket Elephant Park experience is something all visitors to the island should make it their priority to see. This is a family friendly day where all the hard work is done for you. You will be picked up in a timely and professional manner from your hotel. After a short drive you will arrive at the park and be given refreshments and an excellent talk,followed by an important video, outlining the reasons that elephant riding is not a good idea. The gentle giants are then introduced individually, and you get to hand feed them. Walking around near them gives a wonderful insight into their different temperaments and natures. The staff is very helpful and ensures that you have plenty of photo opportunities. Lunch is an amazing vegetarian buffet. Your driver takes you back to your door after lunch. If you want to make a difference in the lives of these previously abused elephants, just refuse to support elephant riding or elephant shows. Encourage others to treat them with respect. Hope to return one day and find many newly rescued animals.

    thumb Eve O'Brien
  • positive review  The best place to see these wonderful animals up close, see them in their habitat happy to do what they want, free and natural. We had the opportunity to feed them and learn more about how the live and the real story about elephants used for tourism. Pukhet elephant park is rescuing abused elephants used for "tourist" purposes. Elephant walking, elephants painting, elephants clowns among others are some of the activities that are forced to do every day. Let´s promote healthy tourism for elephants and ourselves and that we really do not be an accomplice to animal husbandry and abuse. Best luck rescuing more of these amazings animals 🙂

    thumb Jesica Jones
  • positive review  Beautiful location with a loving crew. Very educational and a great experience all around.

    thumb Ryan McNicholas
  • 5 star review  By far the best tour we went on in Phuket! It’s easy to see how much love they have for their elephants and the species as a whole. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable about the other tours and the animal cruelty most of the other tours seem to promote. The lunch was delicious, the staff amazing, the tour very educational. All in all, an absolutely wonderful experience!

    thumb Jes Siegirl
  • 5 star review  Amazing experience will remember this forever! the staff where so nice and kind The elephants where so cute and friendly. Thank you for making an unforgettable experience i highly recommend this place!

    thumb Andrea Lynn Borg
  • positive review  Everything is done with the Elephant's best interests in mind. No gimmicky bathing and riding which injures and causes trauma to them - only gentle leading with food as the incentive no sticks or prods of any sort. The handlers and the guides in the park really love these animals and have saved them from a lifetime of torture and slavery - finally they are free as they can be to enjoy life and it shows. I loved every minute and would go back to Phuket just to spend another day there - a really magical experience.

    thumb Bev Shaw
  • positive review  Wonderful educational experience. I like so many was unaware of the plight of the elephants. Amazing place to visit. No 1 on my list of things to do when in Phuket!

    thumb Robyn Miller
  • 3 star review  Foarte frumos!

    thumb Dumitra Liliana Elena
  • positive review  I wanted to see Elephants in Thailand but knew about how badly elephants where treated for the tourism industry :(. After alot of research we found Phuket Elephant Park that was a true elephant sanctuary. (alot of ones pretend to be a sanctuary but still offer rides and bathing so be careful where you choose its easy to make a mistake and think your doing the right thing) Please if you want to see Elephants while in Thailand come here! 😀 We had the most amazing day, its was so chilled and got to see the elephants just enjoy being elephants (and they still came up really close if they feel like it and there was plenty of opportunity for pictures at the elephants own pace. No need to stress the elephants out for photos 🙂 ) Its clear from talking to the people here how much they love the elephants and their knowledge of the elephants is great, we learned so much. Was so shocked we where the only 4 there visiting, they need more support and awareness so that they can rescue more elephants from the tourism industry 🐘❤️🐘 If you do one thing in Thialand be sure to come here 🙂

    thumb Caroline Sarah

TripAdvisor Reviews

  •   Amazing place. Such a magical experience to bathe and wash these elephants. Thank goodness there is a sanctuary like this to give these elephants a better life. They are so... read more

  •   I was able to visit various places in search of 1 ethical place and offering them rest ... After so much suffering ... I finally found in Phuket! 3 elephants... read more

  •   This link for the half day tour takes you to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, not Phuket Elephant Park. If you would like to book a real ethical experience, book it through... read more

  •   I did a good deal of research before choosing this elephant park to visit. Many of these parks now call themselves "sanctuaries" but as a visitor, it can be... read more

    thumb velee
  •   I did the morning tour they offer and thoroughly enjoyed it. You can tell they truly care about the elephants they have rescued and want to provide the best environment... read more

  •   I cannot recommend this Elephant 🐘 Santuary enough, we did a lot of research before we came and read about places claiming to be sanctuaries but using iron bars and... read more

    thumb lizzie w
  •   I visited this elephant sanctuary with my family. I have only good things to say about my experience here. I love the fact that this is a small elephant sanctuary... read more

  •   I love elephants and would never turn down a chance to see them, however I didn’t want to support an unethical company that exploits and employs cruel training techniques. If... read more

    Jessica C
  •   It was an honour to meet not only the beautiful elephants themselves but the passionate staff who tour and care for these animals.

    The owner is a fantastically generous... read more

  •   Before arriving in Thailand, we planned on visiting a elephant park. We came across this one as it looked the most ethical one. We have seen others online which seem... read more

    thumb Micah B

Phuket Elephant Park - Providing a Home for Rescued Elephants

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Elephant Tour PhuketElephant Tour

What You Can Expect From Your Visit

Half-Day Visits Include:




Qualified English-Speaking Tour Guides 

Guests are introduced to the elephants while hand-feeding fresh fruits and vegetables. The guide also offers to share the natural and cultural history of elephants in Thailand, and why elephant sanctuaries like Phuket Elephant Park are so important.

Rescued Elephants Allowed to Act Normally

We encourage our elephants to relax and behave naturally - you won't see any circus shows, no riding, no cruelty, and for everyone's comfort and safety, no bathing with the elephants. Read more about why it is better here.

Excellent Customer Service

While our elephants "come first", we take pride in extending hospitality and services to our guests.  Transportation to and from your accommodation is offered upon request. If providing your own transport, please be aware advanced reservations are required and access to the park is strictly prohibited without approved escort.

A delicious meal is included in entrance fees.  

Memories and Friendship

Whether you're on a week-long holiday to our tropical paradise, or live in the area full-time, your visit to Phuket Elephant Park is supporting something meaningful and worthwhile. Consistent 5-star reviews tell us your elephant tour will be time well-spent.

Come join the elephants.

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