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Phuket Elephant Park


Home for Rescued Elephants

Because access to the Park is limited to only a handful of people, visitors enjoy something not offered with other projects. You will experience exclusive close encounters with elephants allowed to act naturally in their beautiful stress-free home. We don't force elephants to do anything they don't want to do.

Phuket Elephant Tour

Elephant Sanctuary

Phuket Elephant Park is set against the backdrop of a national park. This is a real elephant sanctuary. No large groups of people, elephants allowed to relax and behave normally.

Facilities make it comfortable for people, but it is home to elephants. Visitors share beautiful surroundings with the rescued herd enjoying their new lives.

Protected jungle gives our residents room to roam, forage, swim, take mudbaths, and socialize.

We Love Our Elephants

The best elephant sanctuaries rely on good people. Jai Dee is a Thai phrase loosely translated into "good hearted". The people behind the Park show their love and understanding of how to take care of their animals. They also know how to make sure customers have a great visit.

Phuket Elephant Park managers and staff are committed individuals inspired by Lek Chailert of Save Elephant Foundation and the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.

Visit us and discover how we nurture these gentle giants.  

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The Herd

You can tell these rescued elephants are relaxed and happy as they play in their pond and forage in the jungle. They enjoy being hand-fed fresh fruits and vegetables and seeing visitors pleases them.  Our rescued elephants are safe and happy, living without stress.

Spending time with them is a special experience.

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Facebook Reviews

  • positive review  The people who work there are so friendly, honestly and hopefully. Thanks for the wonderful time, the good explanations and the great meal. Wish u the best for future but I think with ur good karma u can create a great place for the elephants 🐘 🌈☀️🌴🐘

    thumb Tanja Graf
  • positive review  We visited Phuket elephant park during one of the last few days of our holiday for a morning session! We had visited another elephant sanctuary in Thailand previously, but nothing like this! The elephants are truly free to do as they please which is amazing. As the sanctuary is relatively new and not many people know about it yet we turned up for the morning session and it ended up just being me and my partner which was great, private session! We got to feed the elephants and after feeding they went off roaming, they eaten where they want, they could go to the mud bath or water pool if they wanted, they wasn’t forced to do anything. This is a true elephant sanctuary. After observing the elephants we was made the most delicious dinner (and there was enough to feed an elephant!), the best sweet and sour we have ever tasted! Staff was really informative and friendly and answered any questions I had. The elephants could be seen roaming around during lunch also which is just an incredible experience. We had an amazing time here and would definitely come back! Would recommend this to anyone looking for an elephant sanctuary in Phuket as this fulfils every meaning of the word sanctuary. Thank you for a great day! 🐘❤️

    thumb Amy Johnson
  • positive review  A REAL sanctuary where their rescued elephants can enjoy the remainder of their lives doing whatever they want. No chains. No riding. No bathing. No sticks or hooks. Just gentle love and lots of food. 😍 The elephants and their keepers form a loving bond. Their keepers care for them 24 hours a day feeding them bananas and pineapples. We got to hand feed them at the elephant's leisure, then follow them as they roamed around eating plants. The staff are wonderful and very informative. Told us about their story, how the park came to be and each elephant's story. Cooked us up a delicious vegetarian banquet, that even meat eaters would enjoy! I can't wait to go back and see how Deelert, Srinuan, Boonsib and hopefully more rescued elephants are going in their final home.

    thumb Carly Hansen
  • 5 star review  great sanctuary and "final home" for elephants, rescued from former tourist- & working camps. go on in doing this!

    thumb Andy Kessler
  • positive review  When planning to come to Thailand, I knew I had to see some elephants. There are so many companies to choose from, most of which claim to be sanctuaries and retirement parks. I did research about ethical elephant sanctuaries through a third party website that had a list of trusted companies in south east Asia and this one made their cut (surprisingly not many did! ) We got to watch these elephants just doing their own thing.. relaxing and eating. No riding, no bathing, no tourists grabbing, just elephants being elephants.. truly retired. You do get to feed them as well! they eat a lot!! The guide was very involved in the rescue and care of these animals, and you can tell how passionate he is. A very educational and rewarding experience. well worth the price of admission, knowing the money is for the care of these beautiful creatures.

    thumb Jayna Robinhuis
  • positive review  Amazing and perfect time in Phuket Elephant Park! 🐘🐘🐘

    thumb Nico Tks
  • positive review  Agréable expérience ici pas question d exploiter ces animaux magnifiques et tellement émouvants. Ici nous les cotoyons dans leur milieu naturel sans chaînes ni contraintes ce sont des rescapés du trekking pour touristes, des animaux marqués par des années de souffrance,j espère de tout coeur que beaucoup d autres pourront bénéficier d'une retraite paisible entourés de soigneurs dévoués .Allez y sans hésitation....

    thumb Dominique Sales
  • positive review  This is indeed a sanctuary! A true shelter for elephants who were used, their entire lifes, to entertain tourists. Now they can finally be safe. To everyone thinking of going to Thailand, please be adviced that places that say are sanctuaries but allows to Bath with elephants and ride them...they are not true sanctuaries. Thanks to everyone on Phuket Elephant Park for your kind hearts and do please continue your great work. ❤️🐘

    thumb Diana Martins
  • positive review  Absolutely fantastic day. We had the place to ourselves, warmly welcomed by the manager who explained about the history of elephants in Thailand, and how the park came to be. After that we had a video of dos and don’ts. We then fed a huge amount of food to the elephants and after that wandered with the elephants, no ropes, no chains , no enclosures just peace and quiet, us and the elephants . We have lots of time to ask questions after that it was time for the most delicious lunch cooked on site. The most perfect day! Please do not support the places that offer rides etc, please come and support this place who are rescuing old elephants and looking after them the way they should be.

    thumb Tracey Turrell
  • 5 star review  We are just visiting Phuket elephant park and it is simply amazing� both elephants are relaxed and chilled and the staff is treating them very well. You can see the elephants trust in their mahouds. Feeding the elephants als watching them bathing and following them through the jungle is a real Highlight!! Thank you to our gorgeous tour guide Yaa for the great half day and all the information. It was a pleasure!!!

    thumb Sarah Bredenbröcker

TripAdvisor Reviews

  •   We need people to know about phuket elephant park so they can make the right choice. I was pleasantly surprised w the food, traditional delicious treats and vegetarian lunch were provided ( more authentic than the food at our hotel). They first educated us about...More

    thumb Kavani
  •   I am so grateful for being told about this amazing place, where they have saved the elephants. With this ethical care they can now live peacefully & free after a life of hard work & cruelty. Education for tourists is the key to making changes...More

    thumb Sienna003
  •   After lots of research we chose Phuket elephant park for our elephant experience in Phuket as it seemed like the most ethical and compassionate. All of our expectations were exceeded, the staff and volunteers were very passionate and provided an excellent tour. In our tour...More

    thumb KyleAbbottJoseph
  •   Loved seeing such an ethical elephant park. No riding or bathing with the elephants. The elephants are rescued from logging/ tourism work and are clearly cared for very well in their new home. You get to feed and take photos with the elephants but the...More

    thumb Kate W
  •   Before arriving in Thailand, we planned on visiting a elephant park. We came across this one as it looked the most ethical one. We have seen others online which seem very unethical and bad reviews. Everyone who works at the elephant park really cares about...More

    thumb Micah B
  •   Visiting Phuket Elephant Park was a dream come true for me. They are a wonderful organization that rescues Elephants, and gives them a new life of leisure. The elephants are very sweet, and you will bond with them for sure. This is a place you...More

    thumb delmasto
  •   Me and my partner visited Phuket elephant park on 4th April 2019, I wanted to visit a proper ethical sanctuary as some claim to be ethical when in fact they aren’t. After months of research I found out they work with Save The Elephant Foundation....More

    thumb HollyW1994
  •   I was lucky enough to visit the elephants was a very special experience that I will never forget. The staff are so friendly and explain all about the animals and the park. The elephants are so happy having been rescued and you can see...More

    thumb Victoria S
  •   During our recent family holiday in Phuket we made a point to visit an elephant sanctuary because they are one of my wife's favourite animals and seeing elephants up close is a life long dream of hers. We of course opted for a sanctuary because...More

    thumb Kingman C
  •   I did a good deal of research before choosing this elephant park to visit. Many of these parks now call themselves "sanctuaries" but as a visitor, it can be difficult to ascertain which really are sanctuaries and not just another tourist trap that exploits elephants....More

    thumb velee

Phuket Elephant Park - Providing a Home for Rescued Elephants

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What You Can Expect From Your Visit

Half-Day Visits Include:




Qualified English-Speaking Tour Guides 

Guests are introduced to the elephants while hand-feeding fresh fruits and vegetables. The guide also offers to share the natural and cultural history of elephants in Thailand, and why elephant sanctuaries like Phuket Elephant Park are so important.

Rescued Elephants Allowed to Act Normally

We encourage our elephants to relax and behave naturally - you won't see any circus shows, no riding, no cruelty, and for everyone's comfort and safety, no bathing with the elephants. Read more about why it is better here.

Excellent Customer Service

While our elephants "come first", we take pride in extending hospitality and services to our guests.  Transportation to and from your accommodation is offered upon request. If providing your own transport, please be aware advanced reservations are required and access to the park is strictly prohibited without approved escort.

A delicious meal is included in entrance fees.  

Memories and Friendship

Whether you're on a week-long holiday to our tropical paradise, or live in the area full-time, your visit to Phuket Elephant Park is supporting something meaningful and worthwhile. Consistent 5-star reviews tell us your elephant tour will be time well-spent.

Come join the elephants.

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