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Phuket Elephant Park


Home for Rescued Elephants

Because access to the Park is limited to only a handful of people, visitors enjoy something not offered with other projects. You will experience exclusive close encounters with elephants allowed to act naturally in their beautiful stress-free home. We don't force elephants to do anything they don't want to do.

Phuket Elephant Tour

Elephant Sanctuary

Phuket Elephant Park is set against the backdrop of a national park. This is a real elephant sanctuary. No large groups of people, elephants allowed to relax and behave normally.

Facilities make it comfortable for people, but it is home to elephants. Visitors share beautiful surroundings with the rescued herd enjoying their new lives.

Protected jungle gives our residents room to roam, forage, swim, take mudbaths, and socialize.

We Love Our Elephants

The best elephant sanctuaries rely on good people. Jai Dee is a Thai phrase loosely translated into "good hearted". The people behind the Park show their love and understanding of how to take care of their animals. They also know how to make sure customers have a great visit.

Phuket Elephant Park managers and staff are committed individuals inspired by Lek Chailert of Save Elephant Foundation and the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.

Visit us and discover how we nurture these gentle giants.  

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The Herd

You can tell these rescued elephants are relaxed and happy as they play in their pond and forage in the jungle. They enjoy being hand-fed fresh fruits and vegetables and seeing visitors pleases them.  Our rescued elephants are safe and happy, living without stress.

Spending time with them is a special experience.

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Reservations Are Required

Facebook Reviews

  • 5 star review  We had our first trip there today. My friend and I both give you a 12 put of 10 it was amazing and our tour guide Boy Was excellent very knowledgeable he was also very interesting to listen too. Overall staff was very good,vegan food very good and too see the Elephants like that was wonderful �

    Rhonda Owen Avatar Rhonda Owen
  • 5 star review  The people are very friendly. The Elephants are amazing. And the experience unforgetable. Fantatic.

    Sylvia Hegelbach Avatar Sylvia Hegelbach
  • 5 star review  great sanctuary and "final home" for elephants, rescued from former tourist- & working camps. go on in doing this!

    Andy Kessler Avatar Andy Kessler
  • positive review  We believe you make the difference for the other three hundred who need help here in Phuket. Keep up the faith.

    Miran En Mar Avatar Miran En Mar
  • 5 star review  The most amazing experience in Thailand yet! Such wonderful animals ��

    Katie Sanburn Avatar Katie Sanburn
  • positive review  Had the most amazing morning with the elephants feeding, mudbath and washing in the pool was a great experience and I hope this great work carries on for all the other elephants that need rescuing. well done to all the staff involved

    Paul Newnes Avatar Paul Newnes
  • positive review  This sanctuary needs to be supported by tourists instead of the elephant trekking where the cruelty and exploitation is rampant. We need to financial support this place.

    Julie Dore Avatar Julie Dore
  • positive review  We visited Phuket elephant park during one of the last few days of our holiday for a morning session! We had visited another elephant sanctuary in Thailand previously, but nothing like this! The elephants are truly free to do as they please which is amazing. As the sanctuary is relatively new and not many people know about it yet we turned up for the morning session and it ended up just being me and my partner which was great, private session! We got to feed the elephants and after feeding they went off roaming, they eaten where they want, they could go to the mud bath or water pool if they wanted, they wasn’t forced to do anything. This is a true elephant sanctuary. After observing the elephants we was made the most delicious dinner (and there was enough to feed an elephant!), the best sweet and sour we have ever tasted! Staff was really informative and friendly and answered any questions I had. The elephants could be seen roaming around during lunch also which is just an incredible experience. We had an amazing time here and would definitely come back! Would recommend this to anyone looking for an elephant sanctuary in Phuket as this fulfils every meaning of the word sanctuary. Thank you for a great day! 🐘❤️

    Amy Johnson Avatar Amy Johnson
  • 5 star review  Amazing place and people! ♡

    Shona Inkster Avatar Shona Inkster
  • positive review  I wanted to see Elephants in Thailand but knew about how badly elephants where treated for the tourism industry :(. After alot of research we found Phuket Elephant Park that was a true elephant sanctuary. (alot of ones pretend to be a sanctuary but still offer rides and bathing so be careful where you choose its easy to make a mistake and think your doing the right thing) Please if you want to see Elephants while in Thailand come here! 😀 We had the most amazing day, its was so chilled and got to see the elephants just enjoy being elephants (and they still came up really close if they feel like it and there was plenty of opportunity for pictures at the elephants own pace. No need to stress the elephants out for photos 🙂 ) Its clear from talking to the people here how much they love the elephants and their knowledge of the elephants is great, we learned so much. Was so shocked we where the only 4 there visiting, they need more support and awareness so that they can rescue more elephants from the tourism industry 🐘❤️🐘 If you do one thing in Thialand be sure to come here 🙂

    Caroline Sarah Avatar Caroline Sarah

TripAdvisor Reviews

  •   During our recent family holiday in Phuket we made a point to visit an elephant sanctuary because they are one of my wife's favourite animals and seeing elephants up close... read more

    thumb Kingman C
  •   Visiting Phuket Elephant Park was a dream come true for me. They are a wonderful organization that rescues Elephants, and gives them a new life of leisure. The elephants are... read more

  •   Come for the Elephants, Stay for the Hospitality. An incredible way to feel like you've done something with purpose. You won't regret a trip to this park. The team are... read more

    thumb LISANTH
  •   I can't tell you how much we agonized over visiting elephants during our holiday in Phuket. We spend hours going through all the "sanctuaries" trying to work out which one... read more

  •   Whilst my friend and I were very sceptical about visiting Elephant parks, we were put at ease straight away in PEP. They provided a smooth easy taxi service right from... read more

    Lauren K
  •   We had a great experience here at Phuket Elephant Park! As one of the only two ethical elephant sanctuaries in Phuket, the Phuket Elephant Park is a home for rescued... read more

    thumb swanger95
  •   This link for the half day tour takes you to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, not Phuket Elephant Park. If you would like to book a real ethical experience, book it through... read more

  •   This was a lovely experience feeding and petting rescue elephants in a happy, safe and natural environment. Only positive enforcement is used on the elephants- no hooks or mistreatments. Please... read more

  •   We chose the Phuket Elephant Park as it is totally ethical. No rides or bathing with the elephants. They are all older rescued elephants who are now very well fed... read more

  •   A great tour if your family want to engage with the elephants, and contribute to a business which is trying to make a difference. No riding, just a great... read more


Phuket Elephant Park - Providing a Home for Rescued Elephants

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Elephant Tour PhuketElephant Tour

What You Can Expect From Your Visit

Half-Day Visits Include:




Qualified English-Speaking Tour Guides 

Guests are introduced to the elephants while hand-feeding fresh fruits and vegetables. The guide also offers to share the natural and cultural history of elephants in Thailand, and why elephant sanctuaries like Phuket Elephant Park are so important.

Rescued Elephants Allowed to Act Normally

We encourage our elephants to relax and behave naturally - you won't see any circus shows, no riding, no cruelty, and for everyone's comfort and safety, no bathing with the elephants. Read more about why it is better here.

Excellent Customer Service

While our elephants "come first", we take pride in extending hospitality and services to our guests.  Transportation to and from your accommodation is offered upon request. If providing your own transport, please be aware advanced reservations are required and access to the park is strictly prohibited without approved escort.

A delicious meal is included in entrance fees.  

Memories and Friendship

Whether you're on a week-long holiday to our tropical paradise, or live in the area full-time, your visit to Phuket Elephant Park is supporting something meaningful and worthwhile. Consistent 5-star reviews tell us your elephant tour will be time well-spent.

Come join the elephants.

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