About Phuket Elephant Park

Be part of our mission to save Thailand's beloved iconic animal!

Phuket Elephant Park's goal is to provide a home for old, sick, overworked, and retired elephants.

Roaming Free

Here, at the 12-acre protected jungle, our beautiful elephants have enough space to exercise, socialize with other elephants and roam freely in a natural environment.

Committed People

They are cared for by a group of committed individuals who have trained from elephant welfare organizations Phuket Elephant Sanctuary and the award-winning Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.

No Chains

On your visit, you will learn how we rehabilitate our elephants. Witness their transformation from years of hard work in the elephant trekking camps enduring hardship and 'crushed' spirit to a new stress-free life, with no chains, in a supportive natural habitat.

Sustainability and Ethical Tourism

To sustain our elephants and carers needs, we aim to promote ethical tourism. Visit us and know how we nurture these gentle giants.

Our Mission

To give elephants a better life. Allow the elephants to live freely, not chained or forced to work. Promote a sustainable tour activity where elephants are not abused. Educate tourists about the issue of abused elephants in the tourism industry.

Campaign continuously to help Thai elephants be free from hard work and unchained. Provide local communities with jobs while promoting appreciation and love for Thai elephants. Make the new generation see how valuable and important elephants are.

Our Story

To read about the people behind Phuket Elephant Park, please go to Our Story page.