How You Can Help

Your visit, gifts, and donations fund rescue efforts and provide nourishment, veterinary services, and care for elephants.

We offer Morning Eco-tours every day.  On your visit, you will watch a video presentation explaining the maltreatment elephants endure in the logging industry and in camps to entertain tourists; how they were rescued and what we do to help them ease in to the life of freedom.  Enjoy an up-close encounter feeding and walking with the elephants.  Observe these beautiful creatures as they roam,  forage and bathe.  The eco-tour fee includes Vegetarian Lunch and Refreshments.

  • Book an eco-tour for your friends and family.

Make their holiday in Phuket truly unforgettable with an up-close encounter with our rescued elephants. Give them an experience of a lifetime.

  • Give donations for our rescued elephants' daily needs.

We rely on the kindness of private donors to provide nutritious food, veterinary care, shelter and enrichment for our rescued elephants.  If you would like to help in our efforts, please make your donations through:  paypal.me/phuketelephantpark    PayPal Logo

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If you appreciate the work we're doing, and you had a good experience with us, one thing that will really help us is to leave a positive review describing your visit. Thank you.


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