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Deelert’s story has a happy ending.  Her journey with Phuket Elephant Park began with a rescue in November 2017.   At 58, she is already old, but she was still working hard. 

Rescued Elephant

Deelert has noticeable scars on her left ear, probably inflicted when she was hit by her former mahout to force her to work.  

Each elephant has her own unique personality.  With her scarred and hard life, Deelert likes to be left alone and the caregivers at the park respect that.

Deelert, whose name means ‘the best’ in Thai, is still adjusting to her new-found freedom.  With a little help from her gentle mahout and all the love and respect we give her at the park, we are confident that the best days of Deelert have only just began.

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Srinuan, ‘gentle lady’ in Thai, may be partially blind but this lady likes to engage in big fun. She enjoys a good romp in the water with older friend Deelert or mostly all by herself.

New Home

We rescued Srinuan from an elephant camp. Her right eye is blind due to cataract. Needless to say, it is harder for an elephant to give rides when one is half blind.

Srinuan is now cared for into her retirement years by Phuket Elephant Park. On your visit, you will see her happily spraying water on herself, putting mud on her back to protect it from the sun or simply lying on the muddy banks just like an elephant would… lady or no lady.

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