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  •   Really enjoyable.
    Elephants at this sanctuary are pampered and it’s lovely to be able to feed them and stroke their trunks.
    If you truly like animals go for... read more

    Natalie T
  •   If you are going to go anywhere in Phuket to see Elephants go here. An amazing half day experience with beautiful elephants, engaging staff in a truly captivating... read more

  •   We did a lot of research before going to see Elephants in Phuket. There are lots that state they are ethical, but they really aren’t as ethical as maybe you’d... read more

    Jane M
  •   You can feel the elephants joy as they are given plentiful amounts of banana tree bark & fresh fruits. Tails & ears flapping with delight! You get the opportunity to... read more

  •   This park is where elephants roam around at their freewill. You will hear and watch a video on how these wonderful creatures have been mistreated for many many years.... read more

  •   A great tour if your family want to engage with the elephants, and contribute to a business which is trying to make a difference. No riding, just a great... read more

  •   Completely ethical tour with elephant feeding. The staff really shows their care and respect for the animals. Would definitely recommend!

  •   It was an honour to meet not only the beautiful elephants themselves but the passionate staff who tour and care for these animals.

    The owner is a fantastically generous... read more

  •   If you are looking for an ethical elephant park to visit then this is the one. The staff and keepers clearly love these amazing animals and work hard to ensure... read more

  •   I did a good deal of research before choosing this elephant park to visit. Many of these parks now call themselves "sanctuaries" but as a visitor, it can be... read more

    thumb velee

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  • positive review  We visited Phuket elephant park during one of the last few days of our holiday for a morning session! We had visited another elephant sanctuary in Thailand previously, but nothing like this! The elephants are truly free to do as they please which is amazing. As the sanctuary is relatively new and not many people know about it yet we turned up for the morning session and it ended up just being me and my partner which was great, private session! We got to feed the elephants and after feeding they went off roaming, they eaten where they want, they could go to the mud bath or water pool if they wanted, they wasn’t forced to do anything. This is a true elephant sanctuary. After observing the elephants we was made the most delicious dinner (and there was enough to feed an elephant!), the best sweet and sour we have ever tasted! Staff was really informative and friendly and answered any questions I had. The elephants could be seen roaming around during lunch also which is just an incredible experience. We had an amazing time here and would definitely come back! Would recommend this to anyone looking for an elephant sanctuary in Phuket as this fulfils every meaning of the word sanctuary. Thank you for a great day! 🐘❤️

    Amy Johnson Avatar Amy Johnson
  • positive review  Można być blisko słoni, a jednocześnie mieć świadomość, że bierze się udział w zmianie przemysłu turystycznego, który od lat bezlitośnie eksploatuje te piękne i mądre zwierzęta. Nie ma kąpieli, nie ma chodzenia za słoniami ale samo patrzenie z dość bliska daje wielką frajdę.

    Tomasz Falkowski Avatar Tomasz Falkowski
  • positive review  Wonderful educational experience. I like so many was unaware of the plight of the elephants. Amazing place to visit. No 1 on my list of things to do when in Phuket!

    Robyn Miller Avatar Robyn Miller
  • positive review  очень понравилось!!!!!! это очень хорошо, что есть люди, которым не безразлична жизнь животных!!!!!!!! я за хорошее отношение к животным!!!!

    Alexey  Makhlin Avatar Alexey Makhlin
  • 5 star review  Great experience with these wonderful souls! Great project, passionate staff, highly recommended to everybody!

    Kerstin Cordes Avatar Kerstin Cordes
  • positive review  I wanted to write this as soon as possible so don't have a picture I can attach yet! Thank you so much for an awesome visit today. The food was delicious and your guides were fantastic. I absolutely loved the special time I spent at your park. We were such a small group but you treated us respectfully and looked after us so well, and the love you have for the three beautiful elephants in your care was very evident. I will certainly be recommending the Phuket Elephant Park to all I know and I will most definitely be back again! Bless you all. Thank you for caring so much for these majestic elephants and I hope you are able to carry on and rescue many more over time.

    Nolly Noeline Avatar Nolly Noeline
  • positive review  The best place to see these wonderful animals up close, see them in their habitat happy to do what they want, free and natural. We had the opportunity to feed them and learn more about how the live and the real story about elephants used for tourism. Pukhet elephant park is rescuing abused elephants used for "tourist" purposes. Elephant walking, elephants painting, elephants clowns among others are some of the activities that are forced to do every day. Let´s promote healthy tourism for elephants and ourselves and that we really do not be an accomplice to animal husbandry and abuse. Best luck rescuing more of these amazings animals :)

    Jesica Jones Avatar Jesica Jones
  • 5 star review  Fantastic place to visit. We learnt a lot about the elephants and we got to feed them as well. It was amazing to see that they could go wherever they wanted to and no chains or ropes on them. Very friendly staff and the buffet after was so good. its a must do if you are in Phuket. The elephants are actually happy here.

    Victoria Gunston Avatar Victoria Gunston
  • 5 star review  What a wonderful experience this was. The work they are doing at the Phuket Elephant park is magnificent and extremely admirable. There is an extremely high cost to maintain the park and care for these beautiful elephants and I recommend as many people who care about animal welfare to support this wonderful organisation. The staff are so genuine and really want to give these elephants a peaceful and happy environment to live out the remainder of there lives after enduring so much hardship.

    Danni Cody-Shan Avatar Danni Cody-Shan
  • positive review  Loved learning about how the park is helping protect these elephants from horrible work including logging, trekking, and circuses/shows. It was great being able to interact with these animals while they we're happy doing their own thing. I would definitely come back here as it is a true sanctuary.

    Callie von Borstel Avatar Callie von Borstel

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