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  •   Amazing! This is indeed a sanctuary! A true shelter for elephants who were used, their entire lifes, to entertain tourists. Now they can finally be safe. To everyone thinking of going to Thailand, please be adviced that places that say are sanctuaries but allows to...More

    thumb Diana M
  •   I did a good deal of research before choosing this elephant park to visit. Many of these parks now call themselves "sanctuaries" but as a visitor, it can be difficult to ascertain which really are sanctuaries and not just another tourist trap that exploits elephants....More

    thumb velee
  •   They take great care of elephants that had been abused in the tourist industry and logging. We can see in their eyes how happy they are. The owner is really passionate for the animals. Very informative and the vegetarian food served was delicious.

    thumb RobertaFloridoDutra
  •   You could really tell that Mr Phongsak, the manager of the PEP is very passionate about the elephants! He gave us a brief background of PEP and the foundation. And we were served with delicious Thai sweet desserts on arrival and a vegetarian lunch. The...More

    thumb Eunice T
  •   It’s an unfortunate reality that Thailand is known for animal reserves that claim to exist for the welfare of amazing creatures, like Tigers and Elephants. But often they are nothing more than tourist attractions where the resident animals are treated unkindly, all in the effort...More

    thumb Daz E
  •   We had an excellent morning at Phuket Elephant Park. This is a true sanctuary for elephants, where the wellbeing of the elephants comes first and the passion of the staff and their love of the elephants is clear to see. The kids loved feeding the...More

    thumb Jess T
  •   The three elephants now lucky enough to live out their final days here have a wonderful life indeed. All the vegetation, water and mud they could hope for, each with their own loving carer and a team of dedicated management who make sure their every...More

    thumb Carla D
  •   This was a fantastic day, probably my favourite spent at Phuket. It was amazing to be so close to the elephants and feed them without intruding on their space. We watched them frolicking in the bamboo and swim. They seem so happy and the caretakers...More

    thumb Kiimos
  •   Enjoyed our time feeding and watching the elephants! Had a nice snack of sticky rice and a good vegetarian lunch as well. The guide was very informative and answered all of our questions thoroughly so we left with a good understanding of the current problems...More

    thumb 217courtneyw
  •   We went to the Elephant Farm today. They welcomed us with a snack and drinks. The location was tranquil and relaxing. There was a video that explained the Farms mission to save mistreated elephants and also what elephants have to go through to be ridden...More

    thumb 610dgeorge

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  • 5 star review  We are just visiting Phuket elephant park and it is simply amazing� both elephants are relaxed and chilled and the staff is treating them very well. You can see the elephants trust in their mahouds. Feeding the elephants als watching them bathing and following them through the jungle is a real Highlight!! Thank you to our gorgeous tour guide Yaa for the great half day and all the information. It was a pleasure!!!

    thumb Sarah Bredenbröcker
  • 5 star review  Good job guys. �My respect 🖒. Keep doing it..for the cause.

    thumb Darja Petrin
  • 5 star review  super , spend the day with elephants in their natural environment ; No riding , no hooks , no chains .... , enjoy the walks and the Happy Elephants

    thumb Dani Moore
  • 5 star review  We loved seeing the elephants free in their natural habitat. It was good to be educated about elephant conservation by passionate workers. It was a bonus that the lunch was amazing too!

    thumb Kelly Timperley
  • 5 star review  กล้บ้าน บรรยากาศดี เงียบสงบ ช้างดูดี ดูแฮปปี้ดี ชอบเข้าหาคน

    thumb Achadah Ahlee Davud
  • 5 star review  It was such an indescribable experience to see this beautiful animals so near � to feed them and walk around with them to see them swim and how they enjoy the water... I hope they can spend the rest of theire lifes at this beautiful place... You've done a great job! Hopefully you can rescue more of these wonderful creatures... Thanks a lot for this Highlight at our Phuket Holiday �

    thumb Irina Schröder
  • 5 star review  Phuket Elephant Park - T H A I L A N D � I can't believe the incredible experience we had today at the Phuket Elephant Park. We were lucky enough to spend most of the day here with these amazing elephants and learning about their past lives in riding camps and working in excavation where they were treated horribly by humans and trained to do things they wouldn't usually do in the wild. We also had the privilege of meeting the people behind this organisation and learn about how they became so passionate in creating change and educating people. We also had the place basically to ourselves and had a beautiful lunch put on for us by the park which was cooked by one of the elephants 24/7 carers (mahout) wives. What a highlight, I really hope that one day if your in Thailand you go here. It was so much more fulfilling then the "fantasea show" they advertise here or any of the riding or bathing parks.

    thumb Alysse Trollope
  • 5 star review  Simplesmente magnifica adorei amei. Bem minha paixão tambem são os elefantes sou louca por eles. Parabens por esta paguina.��������������������

    thumb Fátima Brito
  • 5 star review  Amazing place, would recommend to everyone It is a very new sanctuary, and it would be good to spread the word! Elephant Park also work alongside nature Park in chaing Mai and elephant sanctuary in phuket, all following the same morals of rescuing elephants and wanting a better life for them. If you want to ride an elephant and see tricks this is NOT for you...however, if you would like to observe previously mistreated animals, finally happy and in a natural environment living their own life, then this is the place. Was a huge experience for us and so glad we did it. The staff are also all so friendly, knowledgeable and kind and help to make this place. Hope to see you next year when we return to Thailand!!

    thumb Rachel Sanders
  • 5 star review  Very excited to have one more wonderful place to go to when visiting Thailand that treats elephants with the compassion, kindness and respect they deserve. This is the type of tourism we want to be a part of. Completely cruelty FREE! Well done!

    thumb Diana Munoz

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