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  •   I was able to visit various places in search of 1 ethical place and offering them rest ... After so much suffering ... I finally found in Phuket! 3 elephants... read more

  •   Amazing place. Such a magical experience to bathe and wash these elephants. Thank goodness there is a sanctuary like this to give these elephants a better life. They are so... read more

  •   I did a good deal of research before choosing this elephant park to visit. Many of these parks now call themselves "sanctuaries" but as a visitor, it can be... read more

    thumb velee
  •   I love elephants and would never turn down a chance to see them, however I didn’t want to support an unethical company that exploits and employs cruel training techniques. If... read more

    Jessica C
  •   We need people to know about phuket elephant park so they can make the right choice. I was pleasantly surprised w the food, traditional delicious treats and vegetarian lunch were... read more

    thumb Kavani
  •   Let me just start by saying that this place was one of the best places I’ve ever been. The people who run this place are absolutely amazing! They look out... read more

  •   I did the morning tour they offer and thoroughly enjoyed it. You can tell they truly care about the elephants they have rescued and want to provide the best environment... read more

  •   A trip to Thailand isn’t complete without seeing elephants, but it is really difficult to find a ‘sanctuary’ that is legitimately ethical so I was really pleased when I came... read more

  •   If you are going to go anywhere in Phuket to see Elephants go here. An amazing half day experience with beautiful elephants, engaging staff in a truly captivating... read more

  •   It was an honour to meet not only the beautiful elephants themselves but the passionate staff who tour and care for these animals.

    The owner is a fantastically generous... read more


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  • 5 star review  Phuket Elephant Park - T H A I L A N D � I can't believe the incredible experience we had today at the Phuket Elephant Park. We were lucky enough to spend most of the day here with these amazing elephants and learning about their past lives in riding camps and working in excavation where they were treated horribly by humans and trained to do things they wouldn't usually do in the wild. We also had the privilege of meeting the people behind this organisation and learn about how they became so passionate in creating change and educating people. We also had the place basically to ourselves and had a beautiful lunch put on for us by the park which was cooked by one of the elephants 24/7 carers (mahout) wives. What a highlight, I really hope that one day if your in Thailand you go here. It was so much more fulfilling then the "fantasea show" they advertise here or any of the riding or bathing parks.

    Alysse Rebecca Avatar Alysse Rebecca
  • 5 star review  Phuket Park is so wonderful! It is amazing work they are doing for the elephants. Highly recommend if you are visiting Phuket. Wonderful volunteers and staff. The lunch was delicious. A experience I will never forget!

    Amanda Martin Avatar Amanda Martin
  • positive review  Мы очень рады, что посетили этот заповедник! В этом месте спасают слонов от жестокого обращения людей. Здесь о них заботятся! Спасибо вам за такую работу и удачи!!!❤

    Oksana Makhlin Avatar Oksana Makhlin
  • positive review  Had an incredible morning here, the elephants truly are taken care of and work in partnership with save the elephant foundation. This sanctuary doesn’t receive much attention which is sad as the more people who visit the better they are able to make the space for the elephants.

    Holly Watson Avatar Holly Watson
  • positive review  Ein toller Park, in dem die Elefanten auch Elefanten sein dürfen. Hier wird sich liebevoll um die Tiere gekümmert! ❤️ Kein Stress, keine Shows und kein Elefantenreiten. Man darf die Tiere füttern und sie beobachten und bekommt viele tolle Informationen über die Parkbewohner und Elefanten im allgemeinen! Ein Park, der wirklich für das Wohl der Tiere da ist und nicht zur Touribelustigung! Bitte unterstützt diesen Park! ❤️

    Sabine Seefeld Avatar Sabine Seefeld
  • positive review  We had a fantastic morning at the elephant park learning about the elephants and how they have been saved from a life of logging, tourist rides, circus shows etc For anyone travelling to Phuket and wanting to see these amazing animals, make this is a ‘must go’ place to visit rather than taking an elephant ride, or watching the shows. You will interact with them in their natural habitat and watch them roam freely with no constraints. The mahoots and staff at the park have dedicated their lives to saving the elephants from a lifetime of misery and pain, by visiting you will help them grow and in turn save more of these incredible elephants. I can not thank the park enough for a brilliant morning and I hope you are able to save many more elephants in the future.

    Vikki Hoare Avatar Vikki Hoare
  • positive review  We had an amazing time at Phuket Elephant Park! The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. They work with all of their hearts for the elephants they’ve saved. I hope to see more of Thailand adopt their philosophies and to treat elephants with respect and care. Highly recommend Phuket Elephant Park. Very educational and enjoyable!

    Amanda Ingram-McNicholas Avatar Amanda Ingram-McNicholas
  • 5 star review  This was an amazing day that I would highly recommend. It's worth paying a little extra for this tour. It was awesome to be able to feed the elephants and watch them wonder freely without fear from the humans who once controlled their lives. The managers and staff are passionate about the elephants health and happiness. We finished our day with a beautiful vegetarian meal. Thank you so much, it was a very memorable day

    Kim Riley Avatar Kim Riley
  • positive review  Absolutely fantastic day. We had the place to ourselves, warmly welcomed by the manager who explained about the history of elephants in Thailand, and how the park came to be. After that we had a video of dos and don’ts. We then fed a huge amount of food to the elephants and after that wandered with the elephants, no ropes, no chains , no enclosures just peace and quiet, us and the elephants . We have lots of time to ask questions after that it was time for the most delicious lunch cooked on site. The most perfect day! Please do not support the places that offer rides etc, please come and support this place who are rescuing old elephants and looking after them the way they should be.

    Tracey Turrell Avatar Tracey Turrell
  • 5 star review  The people are very friendly. The Elephants are amazing. And the experience unforgetable. Fantatic.

    Sylvia Hegelbach Avatar Sylvia Hegelbach

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