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  •   This link for the half day tour takes you to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, not Phuket Elephant Park. If you would like to book a real ethical experience, book it through... read more

  •   Amazing place. Such a magical experience to bathe and wash these elephants. Thank goodness there is a sanctuary like this to give these elephants a better life. They are so... read more

  •   Visiting Phuket Elephant Park was a dream come true for me. They are a wonderful organization that rescues Elephants, and gives them a new life of leisure. The elephants are... read more

  •   We need people to know about phuket elephant park so they can make the right choice. I was pleasantly surprised w the food, traditional delicious treats and vegetarian lunch were... read more

    thumb Kavani
  •   I cannot recommend this Elephant 🐘 Santuary enough, we did a lot of research before we came and read about places claiming to be sanctuaries but using iron bars and... read more

    thumb lizzie w
  •   Come for the Elephants, Stay for the Hospitality. An incredible way to feel like you've done something with purpose. You won't regret a trip to this park. The team are... read more

    thumb LISANTH
  •   After searching and researching all over the internet for an ethical elephant sanctuary we took a chance with this one and gee did it pay off! No chains, no riding,... read more

    Laura W
  •   Before arriving in Thailand, we planned on visiting a elephant park. We came across this one as it looked the most ethical one. We have seen others online which seem... read more

    thumb Micah B
  •   Great. One of the only two ethical elephant visits you can make in Phuket. Very informative and great guides.

  •   After lots of research we chose Phuket elephant park for our elephant experience in Phuket as it seemed like the most ethical and compassionate. All of our expectations were exceeded,... read more

    thumb KyleAbbottJoseph

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  • positive review  If you are looking to visit an ethical elephant park and truly feel like you are supporting a fantastic effort to look after elephants that have suffered horrendously then this is your place! Couldn’t recommend it more - I am so pleased to have visited and been given an insight into their work.

    thumb Rebecca Musson
  • positive review  Amazing and perfect time in Phuket Elephant Park! 🐘🐘🐘

    thumb Nico Tks
  • positive review  I never feel peace like this, all is kind people ,everywhere are cute elephant cat and dog, I will miss their. if you wanna go to the wonderland ,go to the elephant nature park.

    thumb Nicki Zheng
  • positive review  We had the best experience there today. Staff very knowledgeable and food fantastic. Great to feed the elephants and see them so happy.

    thumb Rochelle Louise Fraser
  • positive review  Można być blisko słoni, a jednocześnie mieć świadomość, że bierze się udział w zmianie przemysłu turystycznego, który od lat bezlitośnie eksploatuje te piękne i mądre zwierzęta. Nie ma kąpieli, nie ma chodzenia za słoniami ale samo patrzenie z dość bliska daje wielką frajdę.

    thumb Tomasz Falkowski
  • 5 star review  Had an amazing day with the lovely elephants and their caretakers! Every one with different (horrible) stories but now a happy ending! Such personalities, gentle and beautiful creatures� Thanks for the great job you do!

    thumb Ingvild Lind
  • positive review  Wonderful educational experience. I like so many was unaware of the plight of the elephants. Amazing place to visit. No 1 on my list of things to do when in Phuket!

    thumb Robyn Miller
  • positive review  The people who work there are so friendly, honestly and hopefully. Thanks for the wonderful time, the good explanations and the great meal. Wish u the best for future but I think with ur good karma u can create a great place for the elephants 🐘 🌈☀️🌴🐘

    thumb Tanja Graf
  • positive review  Nice environment and the elephants looked happy.

    thumb Jane Cameron
  • 5 star review  Simplesmente magnifica adorei amei. Bem minha paixão tambem são os elefantes sou louca por eles. Parabens por esta paguina.��������������������

    thumb Fátima Brito

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