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  •   Half day trip to see elephants up close but in a very elephant friendly way. There is a talk on the park and how the elephant end up in the park. The guides take you to see the elephants through their Carer, who lives on...More

    thumb redsoniahelen
  •   Loved seeing such an ethical elephant park. No riding or bathing with the elephants. The elephants are rescued from logging/ tourism work and are clearly cared for very well in their new home. You get to feed and take photos with the elephants but the...More

    thumb Kate W
  •   Me and my girlfriend have always been crazy about animals and going to Thailand on holiday we wanted to include something of this sort on our trip. We have of course read about how badly many elephants are treated in Thailand so we did our...More

    thumb annorrba
  •   I cannot recommend this Elephant 🐘 Santuary enough, we did a lot of research before we came and read about places claiming to be sanctuaries but using iron bars and hooks to control the elephants when they thought you weren’t looking. I only saw the...More

    thumb lizzie w
  •   During our recent family holiday in Phuket we made a point to visit an elephant sanctuary because they are one of my wife's favourite animals and seeing elephants up close is a life long dream of hers. We of course opted for a sanctuary because...More

    thumb Kingman C
  •   Before arriving in Thailand, we planned on visiting a elephant park. We came across this one as it looked the most ethical one. We have seen others online which seem very unethical and bad reviews. Everyone who works at the elephant park really cares about...More

    thumb Micah B
  •   After lots of research we chose Phuket elephant park for our elephant experience in Phuket as it seemed like the most ethical and compassionate. All of our expectations were exceeded, the staff and volunteers were very passionate and provided an excellent tour. In our tour...More

    thumb KyleAbbottJoseph
  •   Me and my partner visited Phuket elephant park on 4th April 2019, I wanted to visit a proper ethical sanctuary as some claim to be ethical when in fact they aren’t. After months of research I found out they work with Save The Elephant Foundation....More

    thumb HollyW1994
  •   My girlfriend and I are currently traveling around Southeast Asia, and while in Thailand decided it was a must to visit an elephant sanctuary. However, it was extremely important to us that we visit a place that does not allow riding or bathing with elephants,...More

    thumb ekampto1
  •   I did a good deal of research before choosing this elephant park to visit. Many of these parks now call themselves "sanctuaries" but as a visitor, it can be difficult to ascertain which really are sanctuaries and not just another tourist trap that exploits elephants....More

    thumb velee

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  • positive review  This sanctuary needs to be supported by tourists instead of the elephant trekking where the cruelty and exploitation is rampant. We need to financial support this place.

    thumb Julie Dore
  • 5 star review  Had an amazing day with the lovely elephants and their caretakers! Every one with different (horrible) stories but now a happy ending! Such personalities, gentle and beautiful creatures� Thanks for the great job you do!

    thumb Ingvild Lind
  • positive review  Fantastic experience! Went this morning and the 3 elephants are so happy and well looked after they do a fantastic job here I hope they can rescue more elephants in the future. Thank you for an amazing experience 🐘🐘🐘

    thumb Lisa Croome
  • 5 star review  Very excited to have one more wonderful place to go to when visiting Thailand that treats elephants with the compassion, kindness and respect they deserve. This is the type of tourism we want to be a part of. Completely cruelty FREE! Well done!

    thumb Diana Munoz
  • positive review  We had a fantastic morning at the elephant park learning about the elephants and how they have been saved from a life of logging, tourist rides, circus shows etc For anyone travelling to Phuket and wanting to see these amazing animals, make this is a ‘must go’ place to visit rather than taking an elephant ride, or watching the shows. You will interact with them in their natural habitat and watch them roam freely with no constraints. The mahoots and staff at the park have dedicated their lives to saving the elephants from a lifetime of misery and pain, by visiting you will help them grow and in turn save more of these incredible elephants. I can not thank the park enough for a brilliant morning and I hope you are able to save many more elephants in the future.

    thumb Vikki Hoare
  • positive review  We have just spent a full day with the elephants and the care and compassion was absolutely amazing! We cannot recommend this place enough as an ethical and safe place to see elephants roam naturally without human interaction💖

    thumb Alexandra Plasier
  • 5 star review  Amazing place, would recommend to everyone It is a very new sanctuary, and it would be good to spread the word! Elephant Park also work alongside nature Park in chaing Mai and elephant sanctuary in phuket, all following the same morals of rescuing elephants and wanting a better life for them. If you want to ride an elephant and see tricks this is NOT for you...however, if you would like to observe previously mistreated animals, finally happy and in a natural environment living their own life, then this is the place. Was a huge experience for us and so glad we did it. The staff are also all so friendly, knowledgeable and kind and help to make this place. Hope to see you next year when we return to Thailand!!

    thumb Rachel Sanders
  • positive review  I wanted to see Elephants in Thailand but knew about how badly elephants where treated for the tourism industry :(. After alot of research we found Phuket Elephant Park that was a true elephant sanctuary. (alot of ones pretend to be a sanctuary but still offer rides and bathing so be careful where you choose its easy to make a mistake and think your doing the right thing) Please if you want to see Elephants while in Thailand come here! :D We had the most amazing day, its was so chilled and got to see the elephants just enjoy being elephants (and they still came up really close if they feel like it and there was plenty of opportunity for pictures at the elephants own pace. No need to stress the elephants out for photos :) ) Its clear from talking to the people here how much they love the elephants and their knowledge of the elephants is great, we learned so much. Was so shocked we where the only 4 there visiting, they need more support and awareness so that they can rescue more elephants from the tourism industry 🐘❤️🐘 If you do one thing in Thialand be sure to come here :)

    thumb Caroline Sarah
  • positive review  When planning to come to Thailand, I knew I had to see some elephants. There are so many companies to choose from, most of which claim to be sanctuaries and retirement parks. I did research about ethical elephant sanctuaries through a third party website that had a list of trusted companies in south east Asia and this one made their cut (surprisingly not many did! ) We got to watch these elephants just doing their own thing.. relaxing and eating. No riding, no bathing, no tourists grabbing, just elephants being elephants.. truly retired. You do get to feed them as well! they eat a lot!! The guide was very involved in the rescue and care of these animals, and you can tell how passionate he is. A very educational and rewarding experience. well worth the price of admission, knowing the money is for the care of these beautiful creatures.

    thumb Jayna Robinhuis
  • positive review  Amazing and perfect time in Phuket Elephant Park! 🐘🐘🐘

    thumb Nico Tks

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