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  •   When visiting new places I always try and have an ‘animal themed’ day out. I was concerned when visiting Thailand as I had heard horror stories about the treatment of animals. I was happy to hear about Phuket Elephant Sanctuary and I was not disappointed...More

    thumb Natalie D
  •   My wife and I visited Phuket Elephant Park and had the best most wonderful time! Easily the best thing we’ve done in Thailand so far!! First of all, if you’re in Phuket and want to see elephants ethically, please don’t go to the elephant trekking...More

    thumb AlexJ2465
  •   This was a beautiful experience. Wonderful to see the work these guys are doing with the elephants. So different from our experience in Phuket last time where we saw a chained baby elephant clearly in distress. Make sure you visit these elephants who all look...More

    thumb Audiology005
  •   Sanctuary saved elephants from hard work and punishments. People is not alowed to ride, only feed, play and wash them!

    thumb Eimantas A
  •   Me and my friend definitely wanted to do an elephant sanctuary visit during our stay in Phuket, however all of them were sold out except for this one, which we decided to go to. And we’re both so glad we did! This elephant sanctuary is...More

    thumb Viv I
  •   The three elephants now lucky enough to live out their final days here have a wonderful life indeed. All the vegetation, water and mud they could hope for, each with their own loving carer and a team of dedicated management who make sure their every...More

    thumb Carla D
  •   Had an amazing time visiting and meeting the rescued elephants. We got to feed them then observe them eating fresh banana plants. After we were fed a banquet of beautiful Thai food. We loved that this was an actual sanctuary for the elephants, no chains,...More

    thumb Sarah T
  •   We had a wonderful morning watching and learning about the elephants. There are only 3 rescued elephants here so you have plenty of time with each of them. The day starts with a short presentation on the background of the park and a safety video....More

    thumb EWR-NJ-traveler
  •   My boyfriend and I, spent a wonderfull time at the Phuket Elephant Park ! Elephants are my favourite animal and I was so happy and relieve to visit a place which actual takes care of them and do not force them to do anything !!...More

    thumb WendyLucie
  •   A REAL sanctuary where their rescued elephants can enjoy the remainder of their lives doing whatever they want. No chains. No riding. No bathing. No sticks or hooks. Just gentle love and lots of food. 😍 The elephants and their keepers form a loving bond....More

    thumb Carly H

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  • 5 star review  This was an amazing day that I would highly recommend. It's worth paying a little extra for this tour. It was awesome to be able to feed the elephants and watch them wonder freely without fear from the humans who once controlled their lives. The managers and staff are passionate about the elephants health and happiness. We finished our day with a beautiful vegetarian meal. Thank you so much, it was a very memorable day

    thumb Kim Riley
  • 5 star review  กล้บ้าน บรรยากาศดี เงียบสงบ ช้างดูดี ดูแฮปปี้ดี ชอบเข้าหาคน

    thumb Achadah Ahlee Davud
  • 5 star review  Fantastic experience, a must to do if visiting Phuket. Feeding the elephants and walking through the bush with them is a memory our family will treasure forever. To see the elephants in their natural environment and looking so content was wonderful. The guides are very friendly & informative. The traditional Thai breakfast and lunch was really yummy and was great to eat whilst watching the elephants wander around freely.

    thumb Rebecca Haigh
  • 5 star review  The people are very friendly. The Elephants are amazing. And the experience unforgetable. Fantatic.

    thumb Sylvia Hegelbach
  • 5 star review  We loved seeing the elephants free in their natural habitat. It was good to be educated about elephant conservation by passionate workers. It was a bonus that the lunch was amazing too!

    thumb Kelly Timperley
  • 5 star review  Very excited to have one more wonderful place to go to when visiting Thailand that treats elephants with the compassion, kindness and respect they deserve. This is the type of tourism we want to be a part of. Completely cruelty FREE! Well done!

    thumb Diana Munoz
  • 5 star review  Good job guys. �My respect 🖒. Keep doing it..for the cause.

    thumb Darja Petrin
  • 5 star review  Phuket Elephant Park is a top rated sanctuary and a must visit for any trip to Thailand. My husband and I had the best time visiting Srinuan and Deelert! PEP staff are incredibly knowledgable, thoughtful, and aim to provide you with the best possible experience of ethically viewing rescued elephants. Not to be missed!

    thumb Carrie LeBlanc
  • 5 star review  It was such an indescribable experience to see this beautiful animals so near � to feed them and walk around with them to see them swim and how they enjoy the water... I hope they can spend the rest of theire lifes at this beautiful place... You've done a great job! Hopefully you can rescue more of these wonderful creatures... Thanks a lot for this Highlight at our Phuket Holiday �

    thumb Irina Schröder
  • 5 star review  I can't wait to visit you, I witnessed the success of Phuket elephant Sanctuary, I have no doubt that Phuket Elephant Park will also know a great reputation contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of the elephants of Thailand and will carry messages of love and respect for our gentle giants ... Thank you for choosing the voice of compassion

    thumb Sylvie Quessada

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