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  •   You could really tell that Mr Phongsak, the manager of the PEP is very passionate about the elephants! He gave us a brief background of PEP and the foundation. And we were served with delicious Thai sweet desserts on arrival and a vegetarian lunch. The...More

    thumb Eunice T
  •   This was a beautiful experience. Wonderful to see the work these guys are doing with the elephants. So different from our experience in Phuket last time where we saw a chained baby elephant clearly in distress. Make sure you visit these elephants who all look...More

    thumb Audiology005
  •   An incredible way to feel like you've done something with purpose in Phuket! You won't regret a trip to this park. The team are incredibly knowledgable and are perfect hosts. The elephants, rescued from logging camps, are well cared for and have the personalities to...More

    thumb tmcallister
  •   I had some idea of the cruelty elephants trained for tourism experienced and now know it’s so much worse than what I imagined. I wanted to make sure I only visited locations that put the rescued elephants first. Phuket Elephant Park only opened in January...More

    thumb kylashelley
  •   The newest entry to proper elephant sanctuaries has 3 ex working rescued elephants. PHUKET ELEPHANT PARK is the best. We came along on a Sunday, just two of us, and had the chance to feed and follow this elephants for a few hours through acres...More

    thumb CraigR1074
  •   Had i known the kind of environment i would face here, I would have probably come here with a work visa. Looking at the elephants, it does not feel like they have been through a lot of pain until one looks at them interact with...More

    thumb KevinAndrew356
  •   It was great to see these rehabilitated elephants after years of abuse and very hard work being looked after in a in a natural habitat with little to no restrictions. The staff were amazing and very passionate. They have only opened in January this year,...More

    thumb Jason P
  •   I am embarrassed to admit that l have done the tourist thing of riding an elephant in Thailand in the past. That was before l knew how they treated their elephants. One imagines that this majestic creature is treated with love and respect. Not so....More

    thumb Celia B
  •   Had an amazing time visiting and meeting the rescued elephants. We got to feed them then observe them eating fresh banana plants. After we were fed a banquet of beautiful Thai food. We loved that this was an actual sanctuary for the elephants, no chains,...More

    thumb Sarah T
  •   This is a newish venture with 3 elephants, but it is ethical and needs supporting. They have an affiliation with the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary so after the tour we were bussed there for a nice vegetarian lunch. Today there were only 2 gusts so we...More

    thumb Heather D

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  • 3 star review  Foarte frumos!

    thumb Dumitra Liliana Elena
  • 5 star review  Frumosss, superrrr�

    thumb Cocis Florin
  • 5 star review  We are just visiting Phuket elephant park and it is simply amazing� both elephants are relaxed and chilled and the staff is treating them very well. You can see the elephants trust in their mahouds. Feeding the elephants als watching them bathing and following them through the jungle is a real Highlight!! Thank you to our gorgeous tour guide Yaa for the great half day and all the information. It was a pleasure!!!

    thumb Sarah Bredenbröcker
  • 5 star review  It was such an indescribable experience to see this beautiful animals so near � to feed them and walk around with them to see them swim and how they enjoy the water... I hope they can spend the rest of theire lifes at this beautiful place... You've done a great job! Hopefully you can rescue more of these wonderful creatures... Thanks a lot for this Highlight at our Phuket Holiday �

    thumb Irina Schröder
  • 5 star review  Superba pagina dumneavoastra. ..multumesc mult pentru invitatie, pentru ca iubesc elefantii !

    thumb Mary Mar
  • 5 star review  Phuket Elephant Park is a top rated sanctuary and a must visit for any trip to Thailand. My husband and I had the best time visiting Srinuan and Deelert! PEP staff are incredibly knowledgable, thoughtful, and aim to provide you with the best possible experience of ethically viewing rescued elephants. Not to be missed!

    thumb Carrie LeBlanc
  • 5 star review  During our recent visit to Phuket we had the privilege of spending a few hours at the beautiful and brand new park. Since they had only been open for two weeks we were fortunate enough to have the entire place, and the elephants, to ourselves! The staff were so incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and passionate. The cost of the experience included being shuttled to and from our hotel, being educated on why elephants need to be rescued from trekking, logging and street begging, an incredible vegan buffet feast which was delicious, and three hours of feeding the elephants and watching them finally be free and happy in their new and beautiful habitat. If you have the opportunity and you love animals this is definitely a must! Please support this park and visit so that they can rescue more of these beautiful mammals and give them the freedom and life that they deserve.

    thumb Natalie Edwards
  • 5 star review  Phuket Park is so wonderful! It is amazing work they are doing for the elephants. Highly recommend if you are visiting Phuket. Wonderful volunteers and staff. The lunch was delicious. A experience I will never forget!

    thumb Amanda Martin
  • 5 star review  Great experience with these wonderful souls! Great project, passionate staff, highly recommended to everybody!

    thumb Kerstin Cordes
  • 5 star review  Good job guys. �My respect 🖒. Keep doing it..for the cause.

    thumb Darja Petrin

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