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  •   If you are going to go anywhere in Phuket to see Elephants go here. An amazing half day experience with beautiful elephants, engaging staff in a truly captivating setting The ethical treatment of the animals was such a joy to behold and would love to...More

    thumb quadamber
  •   This link for the half day tour takes you to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, not Phuket Elephant Park. If you would like to book a real ethical experience, book it through PEPs social media sites or their webpage. Hopefully TripAdvisor will fix this soon. More

    thumb Theeater2048
  •   During our recent family holiday in Phuket we made a point to visit an elephant sanctuary because they are one of my wife's favourite animals and seeing elephants up close is a life long dream of hers. We of course opted for a sanctuary because...More

    thumb Kingman C
  •   I am so grateful for being told about this amazing place, where they have saved the elephants. With this ethical care they can now live peacefully & free after a life of hard work & cruelty. Education for tourists is the key to making changes...More

    thumb Sienna003
  •   Before arriving in Thailand, we planned on visiting a elephant park. We came across this one as it looked the most ethical one. We have seen others online which seem very unethical and bad reviews. Everyone who works at the elephant park really cares about...More

    thumb Micah B
  •   I was lucky enough to visit the elephants was a very special experience that I will never forget. The staff are so friendly and explain all about the animals and the park. The elephants are so happy having been rescued and you can see...More

    thumb Victoria S
  •   After lots of research we chose Phuket elephant park for our elephant experience in Phuket as it seemed like the most ethical and compassionate. All of our expectations were exceeded, the staff and volunteers were very passionate and provided an excellent tour. In our tour...More

    thumb KyleAbbottJoseph
  •   Come for the Elephants, Stay for the Hospitality. An incredible way to feel like you've done something with purpose. You won't regret a trip to this park. The team are incredibly knowledgeable and are perfect hosts. The elephants, rescued from logging camps, are well cared...More

    thumb LISANTH
  •   Me and my partner visited Phuket elephant park on 4th April 2019, I wanted to visit a proper ethical sanctuary as some claim to be ethical when in fact they aren’t. After months of research I found out they work with Save The Elephant Foundation....More

    thumb HollyW1994
  •   Amazing place. Such a magical experience to bathe and wash these elephants. Thank goodness there is a sanctuary like this to give these elephants a better life. They are so well taken care of and the sanctuary's mission is to save many more. I strongly recommend this tour. Will definitely go back next time I am in Phuket.

    thumb ElpiH

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  • positive review  Amazing place we really enjoyed it , and feel so happy that the elephants are getting looked after In there natural habitat, I would highly recommend this place

    thumb Vicky Eastwood
  • positive review  I never feel peace like this, all is kind people ,everywhere are cute elephant cat and dog, I will miss their. if you wanna go to the wonderland ,go to the elephant nature park.

    thumb Nicki Zheng
  • 5 star review  Phuket Elephant Park is a top rated sanctuary and a must visit for any trip to Thailand. My husband and I had the best time visiting Srinuan and Deelert! PEP staff are incredibly knowledgable, thoughtful, and aim to provide you with the best possible experience of ethically viewing rescued elephants. Not to be missed!

    thumb Carrie LeBlanc
  • positive review  Es war ein toller Besuch bei den Elefanten...✌️

    thumb Daniel Bleith
  • 5 star review  We visited the park today and had a fantastic time. I loved feeding the elephants and getting so close to them. Watching them roam and be free knowing they are free from harm was great. Excellent place to visit.

    thumb Hayley Pretty
  • positive review  I wanted to write this as soon as possible so don't have a picture I can attach yet! Thank you so much for an awesome visit today. The food was delicious and your guides were fantastic. I absolutely loved the special time I spent at your park. We were such a small group but you treated us respectfully and looked after us so well, and the love you have for the three beautiful elephants in your care was very evident. I will certainly be recommending the Phuket Elephant Park to all I know and I will most definitely be back again! Bless you all. Thank you for caring so much for these majestic elephants and I hope you are able to carry on and rescue many more over time.

    thumb Nolly Noeline
  • 5 star review  Just hung out there today. There was two of us, 3 elephants and acres of space to roam freely. We followed them about with no schedule or gaggling tourists as they got up to elephant stuff. We then stopped by the sanctuary to see 55 people begin herded about and stalking half dozen elephants. I know which I would prefer to do again!

    thumb Craig Roberts
  • positive review  Мы очень рады, что посетили этот заповедник! В этом месте спасают слонов от жестокого обращения людей. Здесь о них заботятся! Спасибо вам за такую работу и удачи!!!❤

    thumb Oksana Makhlin
  • 5 star review  Phuket Park is so wonderful! It is amazing work they are doing for the elephants. Highly recommend if you are visiting Phuket. Wonderful volunteers and staff. The lunch was delicious. A experience I will never forget!

    thumb Amanda Martin
  • positive review  Loved learning about how the park is helping protect these elephants from horrible work including logging, trekking, and circuses/shows. It was great being able to interact with these animals while they we're happy doing their own thing. I would definitely come back here as it is a true sanctuary.

    thumb Callie von Borstel

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